Tutors are created equal? Nope, and here what sets Mathnasium tutors apart.

Aug 24, 2022 | Upper Mount Gravatt

Finding the perfect instructors is not easy. Because our staff has to be a maths whizzzzz 😊 PLUS they have to be great at teaching maths and connecting with kids. You can be good at maths, but that does not necessarily make you better in communicating and engaging with kids.  Our maths instructors are not just your everyday tutors. They have to go through a very high standard Mathnasium maths test – this test is unique, it was created in a way that not only it is testing one’s knowledge about maths, but also their logical & critical thinking. We have found many applicants with great resumes and showing impressive experience, who are tutors or teachers or going to become teachers themselves, and have taught or gave tutoring to students including high schoolers, but surprisingly couldn’t pass the test. You’ve heard that small businesses having a hard time to find workers? For us it‘s even harder because of our unique, intense hiring process. This way, we make sure we end up with the best instructors!

Mathnasium instructors also have to take hours and hours of training – not only when they first joined us, but also during their service with us. The initial training is online, but the ongoing, periodical formal training sessions are given by Larry Martinek himself; Larry is the Mathnasium Legend, our “guru” who invented the Mathnasium Method™ 40 years ago – that has helped millions of students all over the world in the last 20 years.

Here are some comments given by parents/guardians on Listen 360 – regarding our team/instructors:

  • My daughter actually enjoyed heading to her tutoring classes and learned a great appreciation for maths. The best was no more complaining about or fighting over maths homework. The instructors were fantastic and patient, while the ability to work towards prizes was a great motivator. We would recommend this program to anyone with a child who seems to be falling behind or avoiding maths homework. (Naomi C)
  • We have been very thankful for our Mathnasium team. They have been super accommodating to work with our summer schedule. We've been able to go camping and still work on my son's maths. He will go back to school in January much better prepared! (Marci W)
  • Ritesh, Ruchi and the team are amazing! My daughter loves earning stars to ‘buy’ prizes and all the theme days are also fun! That’s all on top of the top-notch maths instruction. Keep up the great work. (Danette L)
  • Kind knowledgeable staff. Seeing great results in our daughter’s school work. Has given her new confidence to face the challenges. (P.M.)
  • Che Had great success and improved his mathematics ability. The teachers were kind, patient and had Che’s Best interest in mind every step of the way. We enjoyed our year with them and anticipate continuing for grade 8. Thank you to all the staff (K.L.)
  • All staff are friendly and make your child feel included and welcome with no judgment. Mathnasium has been flexible with our family schedule and that is very appreciated. Ruchi and Ritesh are like extended family. Thank you so much for your help and making my child feel welcome. (Amanda P)

We provide top-notch Mathnasium Method™ plus excellent, highly qualified Mathnasium instructors. Combined with our risk-free comprehensive assessment that pinpoints exactly what your child needs to work on, the only thing your child needs to bring with them is their motivation!

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