The Future Workforce

Feb 22, 2022 | Carlingford

There are jobs today that did not exist 2o years ago. Jobs like Digital Marketing Expert, Mobile App Developer, Wellbeing Coach and Robotics Engineer are some of the jobs that did not exist 20 years ago. The internet and iphone changed the way we communicated and thousands of new businesses evolved from the Digital revolution.

Over the past 2 years we have seen the impact Covid has had on student learning – specifically remote learning. Schools that are well funded and well resourced have the ability to provide extra learning opportunities for their students. Students are able to catch up if there are areas they struggle with. Not all schools have the tools or resources to provide such support and unfortunately some students fall behind. This gap is only widened if action is not taken to address the foundational aspects.

The second part Covid has introduced is the ability for anyone to work from home. People previously held the belief work could only be done in an office location. Covid showed geographical boundaries is no longer an impediment to where you work. The future workforce will likely be a global one where members of a team could reside in various parts of the world. You no longer are bound to where you live to determine what role or what type of work you do. If our children are competing against others on a global scale the competition will become fierce. Australia is not known for its rank in STEM subjects and there is ongoing work to lift Mathematics scores across the country.

As a parent our role is to provide the best opportunities for our children. It could be providing advice or opportunities we never got as a child. Just think 20 years from now, my child will be doing a role that doesn’t exist today. How am I preparing them for the work force of the future?