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Anniversary & Open Day

May 1, 2024 | Carlingford Blog

The Future Workforce

Feb 22, 2022 | Carlingford Blog

There are jobs today that did not exist 2o years ago. Jobs like Digital Marketing Expert, Mobile App Developer, Wellbeing Coach and Robotics Engineer are some of the jobs that did not exist 20 years ago. The internet and iphone changed the way we communic..

Tutoring Carlingford

Dec 13, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

So you have seen your child’s latest NAPLAN results or their final school year report and you think they might need help. Tutoring is an option and the good news is that there are a number of tutoring places available in Carlingford. All have its pr..

Eddie Woo Talks about Maths Sense

Nov 19, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

Have you seen a show on ABC called teenage boss? The show follows teenagers from across Australia as they manage their family budget for the month. It is hosted by Australian Superstar maths teacher Eddie Woo who was a finalist in 2018 for the global teac..

Most Popular Reward - Roblox Gift Card

Oct 13, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

Roblox is an online platform where millions of players interact across an infinite variety of immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. Kids simply love Roblox at the moment, as they get to interact with their friends in a digital world. Its a great social int..

3 Reasons Why Kids Love Mathnasium Carlingford

Oct 10, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

Mathnasium Carlingford is a maths only learning centre where we specialize in teaching maths. Children from various schools around Carlingford simply love the program. Here are 3 reasons why children love Mathnasium:: It’s a fun and safe en..

The Impact of Learning during Covid

Jul 25, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

As the lockdowns in Sydney extend, so will the way students across the state will learn. Households sorting through technology problems, internet slowness, web cams not working and forgetting the student login/password are common problems. It’s the ..

Drop in Anytime

Jul 8, 2021 | Carlingford Blog

The pace in Sydney feels like we are always on the run. Weekend birthday parties, family gatherings, school pick ups, Saturday sports, after school activities - it feels like an endless rush. Stuck in heavy traffic on Sydney roads can cause stress and anx..

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