Drop in Anytime

Jul 8, 2021 | Carlingford

The pace in Sydney feels like we are always on the run. Weekend birthday parties, family gatherings, school pick ups, Saturday sports, after school activities - it feels like an endless rush. Stuck in heavy traffic on Sydney roads can cause stress and anxiety if you’re running late for a class.

Rescheduling a child’s activity after illness can be time consuming. Calling up the child’s activity centre for a make up class or being put on a waiting list to attend another session. This is another item of an never ending to-do list!

Mathnasium is a learning centre that aims to build your child’s confidence in mathematics. At Mathnasium of Carlingford there is no start time. Like a gym membership, you can drop in anytime during our opening hours. Remove the challenges of rescheduling classes by having the ability to drop in at a time that is convenient to you.

The reason why this is possible at Mathnasium, is that every child has a customised learning plan. Your child is not sitting in a class with other students learning the same concepts. Your child has target goals that will address their gaps and stretch some of the concepts they have mastered. This tailored learning has been very effective with over 1000 Mathnasium centres opened world wide. Mathnasium has changed the lives of thousands of students by teaching them maths in a way that makes sense to them.

Please visit our Carlingford centre for a free assessment and take advantage of the flexible drop in benefits