3 Reasons Why Kids Love Mathnasium Carlingford

Oct 10, 2021 | Carlingford

Mathnasium Carlingford is a maths only learning centre where we specialize in teaching maths.

Children from various schools around Carlingford simply love the program. Here are 3 reasons why children love Mathnasium::

  1. It’s a fun and safe environment. The students feel they are in a place where they can genuinely get help. Our qualified instructors use the Mathnasium teaching methods to help break down mathematical concepts.

  2. Every page that the student completes gives them a star. Stars form part of Mathnasium rewards where students are able to trade star cards into gifts/gift cards. Check out our every growing rewards cabinet at our Carlingford centre.

  3. Confidence. We have had students tell on Day 1 that they did not like maths because they simply didn’t understand it. Over time we have changed their perception of maths and some have began to enjoy solving maths equations.


Getting a child motivated for tutoring can be difficult for some parents. Since we are a learning centre at Mathnasium, we believe we have the right formula to encourage your child to learn. We have visual aids, manipulatives, maths games and activities that will bring the fun into learning.

Speak to us about a free assessment or come visit our Carlingford centre! We would be glad to discuss your child’s needs.