It's a Pancake Day Word Problem Giveaway!

By | Added Feb 9, 2016

We're celebrating Pancake Day with a very special, very pancakey word problem giveaway in collaboration with author and math educator Lucy Ravitch! To join, solve our word problem and submit your answer to by Tuesday, February 16! One lucky winner will receive a copy of Lucy's awesome math activity book, The Pancake Menu!

Mary made pancakes for a breakfast feast for her family and friends. Half of the pancakes she made are strawberry pancakes, two-fifths of the pancakes she made are blueberry pancakes, and the remaining 5 pancakes are banana pancakes. How many strawberry pancakes did Mary make?

We'll be spotlighting Lucy and The Pancake Menu later in the week—stay tuned for more on this talented and creative author and educator!

Update: Thank you to everyone who joined our Pancake Day Word Problem Giveaway! Here's the solution to our pancake word problem:

The fractional part of banana pancakes that Mary made is 1 – 1/2 – 2/5 = 1/10. Since 1/10 of 50 is 5, Mary made a total of 50 pancakes. Half of the pancakes are strawberry pancakes, so Mary made 25 strawberry pancakes!

... and congratulations to JoAnne V. of Red Deer, AB, Canada! Your autographed copy of The Pancake Menu is on its way!