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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Sean Dolan, Co-owner and Center Director

Sean is a math enthusiast from way back. In high school, he attended the Georgia Governor's Honors program in math, won the National Beta Club award for Mathematics, and then went on to major on Mathematics at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where he met his eventual business partner Cameron Nimmo. Since then, he's spent most of his career in software development for telecommunications technology companies, with occasional stints as a part-time math instructor at Chatahoochee Tech. Now, he is excited to begin a new kind of career with his first love, mathematics, and really looks forward to sharing with kids how much beauty and fun there is in learning math.

Cameron Nimmo, Co-owner and Center Director

Cam is the son of a math teacher, but he did not immediately follow in his father's footsteps.  At the College of William and Mary, where he and Sean first met, Cam studied languages. He is fluent in several languages. The early part of his professional life was spent in the financial industry, but after few years, he got involved in education.  This led to over twenty years of teaching and then running his own school.  And now, his involvement in Mathnasium pleases his father to no end.

Jacob Michelis, Assistant Center Director

Jacob has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Kennesaw State University. He has worked as a private tutor for math and science since high school. He is originally from Gainesville, Florida, but moved to Milton 12 years ago. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and programming. 

To quote Jacob: "The Mathnasium method is great. The curriculum is solid and customized to each student's needs, and the students receive a great mix of independent work and individual help."


Ashley Richards

Ashley Richards is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Actuarial Science from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and recently moved to Georgia to pursue a degree. She was previously employed at P.S 5 Ronald McNair in Brooklyn where she aquired understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of both a math tutor and middle school teacher. Combined with her friendly and outgoing personality, she was able to use her prior knowledge of mathematics to explain math concepts clearly and concisely to her students. Additionally, she gained patience and understanding as she lead a program at her high school, BBACD CALI (Benjamin Banneker Academy Leadership Institute); where she developed a mentoring program that provides high school seniors with the tools for applying to college, resume and essay writing. Besides math, she enjoys spending time with her 7 siblings and singing.

To quote Ashley: “The Mathnasium Method is extremely effective in allowing kids to learn in different ways and be independent while doing work. I especially love it because I have been able to implement some methods I have learned into my own learning at school!”

Mikey Booker


Mikey has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education from the University of North Georgia. Before working here at Mathnasium, he tutored math in high school and throughout college. He has lived in Georgia for 16 years, and in his free time enjoys drawing and music.


To quote Mikey: “I really like the growth mindset of the Mathnasium method. Any student can learn and understand math. The customized learning plans allow instructors to target student misconceptions and struggle areas, while guiding students to learn the how and why behind mathematics.


 Ilana Mermelstein, Instructor and Communications Director

 Ilana plans on majoring in journalism with a possible double major in psychology. When not working here at Mathnasium, she is a teacher's aide at a religious school. In her spare time she enjoys playing ukulele and singing, as well as writing for her blog.


To quote Ilana: “What I love about the Mathnasium method is that it refrains from encouraging memorization like so many other methods do, rather it encourages a deeper understanding of concepts, allowing students to fully understand where answers come from. Mathnasium inspires curiosity and teaches students how to learn!!

Mohammed Fareed

Mohammed is a student at Rivers Academy and plans on studying medicine in college. Before coming to the Atlanta area, he lived in Nebraska and Maryland. He has experience tutoring friends and family in math and was a student here at Mathnasium for five years before deciding to join our team. His hobbies include competitive water polo.


To quote Mohammed: “I like the Mathnesium method because I feel it pinpoints exactly what areas a child struggles with and can help fix these problems. As a former Mathnesium student I can confirm that the Mathnesium method definitely helped me not only bring up my math grade but get one step ahead of everyone else in the math class


Abdul Sayed

Abdul is currently a student at Cambridge. He plans to major in Computer Programming at university. He was born in Cairo, Egypt, but did not stay there long. He left for Canada a month after his birth and came to Georgia a year after that. In his free time he loves to play video games, code, read, and hike. He lives with his parents and younger sister, and he has family around the world.

To quote Abdul “The philosophy behind the company aligns with my ideals of education and some of the ways in which it teaches math makes me wish I had been taught in that way.”