Beat The Summer Slide. Get Math Help and Enjoy Summer Success Instead!

Jun 14, 2022

When summer comes, the knowledge your child worked hard for all school year is in danger of slipping away. This is especially true for math: On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of math learning over the summer. This summer learning loss can have long-lasting effects, including lower test scores and self-confidence, and a lower chance of success in high school and college.

What does this mean for my child?

Taking a long summer break from math makes it difficult for your child to pick up where they left off. By getting math help to avoid summer learning loss, your child will be ready to learn new material instead of falling behind when a new school year begins.

Up to 6 weeks in the fall can be lost relearning last year’s content.

How to achieve summer success

One of the best ways to keep your child’s math skills sharp over the summer is to enroll them in a good summer math program. Summer is the ideal time to get them math help to reinforce what they learned during the school year and introduce new concepts that will help them in the year ahead. Children have more time, are less tired, and are better able to focus when they don’t have the burden of classes, homework and extracurricular activities.

To get the most out of summer math learning, choose a program that specializes in creative, effective, stress-free ways to teach math to your child based on their unique needs.

Just 2-3 hours per week can prevent the summer slide and help students stay ahead.

How you can help them succeed

In addition to a summer math program, parents can help children combat the summer slide by finding active and engaging ways to practice math at home during your daily lives. Cooking together, playing math-based games and working on home improvement projects are just a few examples. Activities such as these provide opportunities to explore concepts that school might not cover, and they will continue to benefit your child in the future.

Find a good balance

A good summer math program, such as the Summer Workout Plans offered by Mathnasium, will focus on your child’s specific needs, work with your summer schedule and make it fun!


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