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4 Ways Online Math Tutoring Can Help Get Your Child Into College…

Jul 6, 2020

Online tutoring can increase your child’s likelihood of getting accepted into college. This isn’t just about improving their grades but instead building their desire to learn and explore educational concepts. Application essays can be a bit overwhelming but they are quite important. Here’s how online tutors can help.

A Plan Accustomed to Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

Most people learn in one of the following three ways: they are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners. They subconsciously rely on these different skills to gather and retain information presented to them. Online tutors can help you and your child understand which style of learning they learn best with and give them the tools they need to make the most out of their classroom experience. As your child better understands their learning style and puts the tools given to them by the tutor to work, you will be able see a difference in their grades and eagerness to learn. This will be helpful when it comes time to write their college application essay. Your child will be able to show the college admissions team proof of their intelligence and determination to succeed.

The Classes Your Child Takes Can Influence College Acceptance

Grades and class rank are not the only thing you can expect an admission team to assess when determine whether or not to allow your child to attend their university. College admission teams will review the classes students take. Only taking remedial classes will not help your child get accepted so it is important that you encourage them to take advanced or accelerated classes. Worried your child won’t do well? Online tutoring is a great tool to help them excel in difficult courses. Tutors can help them become more structured learners that know how to manage their time, build solid study habits, and prepare for finals at the end of the year in advanced placement or accelerated classes where they can earn college credit.

You can Help Your Child Overcome Academic Challenges

College admission counselors will review several years worth of your child’s academic work to determine eligibility. As your child approaches senior year, take the time to review their grades. Make note of any classes where that might be challenging for them. Look for a decline in grades or even their enthusiasm about learning. Online tutoring can help them overcome any academic challenges your they might be facing and give them the skills needed to finish off their high school career by making a good impression on their current and future educators.

Preparing Good Students for College

Did you know that many students who have sailed through high school often struggle in college? They are not used to be challenged and have not acquired the study tools they need to do well. They have not had these kinds of courses and might not be ready for the kind of work that comes along with them. Help your child by hiring a tutor and encouraging them to taking challenging course early on in the education. This will show admission officers that your child not only willing to succeed but also able to do so.

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