Unexpected Benefits Of Mathnasium... (You'll Be Surprised)

Aug 3, 2021 | Blue Bell

When a new student comes to Mathnasium of Blue Bell, we expect:

1. “Aha!” moments

2. Confidence building

3. A newfound love for learning math

Some things we don’t foresee, however, are equally exciting…..like making new friends.

Math friends

Lucy and Jaylee (pictured above) met at a Mathnasium summer camp and quickly became friends. Mathnasium students often practice in small groups, which turn out to be a great way for kids to meet peers.

Another bonus outcome? In a recent article published here, we read, “Math helps in making...difficult games like Sudoku and Monopoly easy. A surprise benefit of learning Math, isn’t it?” Math builds problem-solving skills that can be utilized in all sorts of ways: Rubik's cubes, puzzles and literally any strategy game.

How about nurturing creativity? Not what you’d expect from learning math, right? Think of origami or architecture, both are just variations of geometry. And music? Scales might look a lot like numbers on a number line, or intervals on a graph if you look more closely.

Maybe most importantly, learning to understand difficult concepts in math will instill confidence that can be replicated for future problems. When a child works hard to master long division, then that child will feel more capable when other challenging concepts are presented. And that’s the best kind of confidence- the kind that comes from having a successful experience.

Parents all over are giving their kids the best math education possible at Mathnasium of Blue Bell. If you’re ready to join us, sign up now . Call us .

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