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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorAlex Guppy, Owner

Alex received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Kalamazoo College in Michigan. Shortly after graduating, Alex moved abroad to teach English in Taiwan - an adventure turned odyssey that lasted the next six years. When he was not teaching and having fun with his students, he was exploring the mountains and streams of the island. Eventually, home called and Alex returned to the States in 2013. In the Fall of 2014, Alex visited Chattanooga for a rock climbing trip. As the season passed by and frost began to accumulate on his tent each morning in Prentice Cooper State Park, Alex contemplated returning home to Michigan for the holidays, but then applied for a center director position at Mathnasium to provide math homework help on a whim. He cannot help but look back on his humble beginnings as a math tutor here in amazement.

In the beginning of 2018, Alex became the sole owner of both Mathnasiums in Chattanooga. He is honoured by all of the parents who have entrusted the safety and education of their children to him over the years (and left some fabulous reviews!) and helped him realize his dream of owning his own business. He is looking forward to providing math homework help to many more children in the coming years as he sets up shop in Brentwood, TN to open his third Mathnasium and offer math homework help across the state.

Steve Nelson, Center Director

Steve grew up in Williamson County, attending Brentwood Academy for middle school and Ravenwood for high school. As a native to the area, he is familiar with the pressures and challenges facing students in school, and what it's like to juggle studying with lacrosse practices, JROTC drills, choral recitals, and time with friends.

Steve moved to New York City for college, where he completed his Bachelor's and Master's in NYU's Music Technology program. A STEM degree with many different paths, his focus was on algorithmic composition and digital signal processing, utilizing the mathematical processes of the computer to generate mind-bending sounds and visuals. He continues to enjoy music and visual art in his free time, watching movies and eating tacos between recording and video editing sessions.

These experiences and hobbies led to opportunities teaching creative technologies to kids, where he discovered a passion for education. With an inderdisciplinary background in math, science, and art, he hopes to provide students with unique and accessible perspective on how to understand otherwise frustrating concepts.

He is excited to motivate your student to learn math, and show how those skills can help them achieve so many of their academic, professional, and creative dreams!

Anne Gump, Instructor

 Anne has worked as a professional chemist for Vanderbilt University and the Tennessee   Department of Health. She discovered that her favorite part of these interesting jobs was   math! She went back to school to study Advanced Mathematics and Mathematic Education.   She has been a tutor with Mathnasium since 2019 and loves watching students discover   something new each day!

 Favorite Math Joke: Why shouldn't you let math scare you? Because it's easy as pi! 

 Fun Fact: Anne made a perfect score on the math portion of her ACT! 

 Hobbies: Playing the piano and cooking new and interesting recipes.

Chris Guardo, Instructor

Chris is a junior Mathematics major at Belmont University. After he graduates, Chris plans to pursue a graduate degree in Data Science. He loves math because of how factual it is and how it can be used to describe anything in the natural world. 

Favorite Number: Pi, because whole numbers are too mainstream.

Favorite Math Joke: Without geometry, everything is pointless.

Interesting Fact: Chris goes rock climbing and country line dancing in his spare time.

                                             Marcus Stuedemann, Instructor

  Marcus is an undergraduate student at Middle Tennessee State University pursuing a    Bachelor's in History and Minors in Mathematics and Secondary Education, as well        as a teaching licensure. He enjoys math because he used to tutor his peers in high        school and loved seeing them achieve!

  Favorite Math Formula: Pythagorean Theorem, a2 + b2 = c2

  Favorite Math Joke: Math is nothing 2b2 of!

  Fun Fact: He used to run a movie theater in the Green Hills area, and met Batman!

Shelby Jones, Instructor

Shelby is a P1 in pharmacy school at Belmont in Nashville. She is originally from St. Louis, MO. She actually hated math growing up, but loves to teach it now!

Hobbies: Besides studying for pharmacy school, Shelby has two businesses - one for calligraphy and one for photography!

Fun Fact: Shelby swam on on three teams for a few years of her 13-year long swimming career. Also, her favorite flower is a sunflower. 


Sam Lippe, Instructor

Sam is a senior at Brentwood High School. He loves both math and science and enjoys learning new information. Outside of school he spends time practicing guitar and playing games with his friends and three brothers. Sam's favorite part of his job is observing the change in attitude and confidence kids experience as they gain understanding in math.

Favorite Number: 6, because there are six people in his family. Also, 6 is the first perfect number, which means that all of its factors add up to itself. What's the next perfect number? 

Milan Severino, Instructor

Milan is a Los Angeles native who moved to Nashville in 2015 to attend Vanderbilt University. She graduated following a Pre-Med track with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Public Health. She is planning on attending medical school in the upcoming years. Outside of Mathnasium, she loves kickboxing, skiing, and traveling!

Favorite Number: 51, because it is the atomic number of her favorite element, Antimony!

Favorite Math Joke: Why are obtuse angles so sad? Because they're never right!

Fun Fact: Milan has never seen the movie Mulan!

 Zaynah Ajmal, Instructor

 Zaynah is a senior at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Psychology. After graduation, she   is hoping to pursue a career in medicine. She has grown up in Brentwood and absolutely   loves to tutor math. She gets excited seeing kids understand and develop an   appreciation for math!

 Favorite Number: 10, because it's the same right side up and upside down!

 Favorite Math Joke: Why is it sad that parallel lines have so much in common?   Because they'll never meet!