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Whether you want to do online, in-centre or a combination of both, Mathnasium math tutoring makes learning as simple as:

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With over 1,100 Mathnasium centres in North America, you’re likely to find a Mathnasium offering the best math tutoring nearby. The process starts by contacting your local learning centre, even if your child will be learning exclusively online.

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Our diagnostic assessment lets us know where your child is so we can pinpoint any gaps and create a customized learning plan guided by expert math tutors. Your child can reach their full math potential with the best personalized math tutoring nearby.

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We offer flexibility with both in-centre and online math tutoring options. Your local Centre Director can guide you through the process of setting up your child's math tutoring schedule. Contact your local centre for pricing and payment options for the best personalized math tutoring nearby.


Our learning method was formulated to help your child:

  • Build confidence in math
  • Master math concepts
  • Develop a love of learning
  • Excel in school
  • Achieve their potential


of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding.



of parents report improved attitude toward math after attending Mathnasium.



of students saw an improvement in their school grades.


“Super flexible and kind, engaging and helpful at every turn, no matter where your child is in their learning.”
Kellie L., parent
“In a short amount of time we saw a great improvement in our daughter's love for math. It was like a lightbulb came on in her head.”
Dan T., parent
“She is more enthusiastic, more interested in math homework.”
Jaqueline Aherns, parent
“This approach completely changed how I think about math.”
Suzanne Stein, parent & grade 5 teacher


We welcome you to contact your local Mathnasium Learning Centre with any questions have about our program. Here are some of the more common ones we get:

  • What does Mathnasium cost?

    Mathnasium provides premium value by combining a superior learning experience with an efficient structure that keeps costs low. There is a flat enrolment fee for our program, and students attend regularly—much like a gym membership. We recommend that they attend Mathnasium 2-3 times per week as attending less frequently will slow results and attending too often could lead to student burnout. Pricing varies by program and geographic area. Contact your local centre for more details on enrolment packages.

  • What makes Mathnasium different than tutoring?

    Unlike private tutors, our curriculum and methodology have been proven through the success of hundreds of thousands of students. Private tutors are reactive, Mathnasium is proactive; we build each child's needed mathematical skills methodically and comprehensively. Backed by the extensive training and resources of a global organization, our instructors deliver a superior method, typically at a lower cost.

  • What makes Mathnasium different from a math class?

    Unlike a math class, Mathnasium teaches to the individual. Each child is given a comprehensive assessment that pinpoints their exact strengths and weaknesses and a customized learning plan base on their specific learning goals. Our expert instructors provide face-to-face instruction at the right pace for each child.

  • Is Mathnasium for advanced students or struggling students?

    Both. If a student is struggling, Mathnasium will address their learning gaps so they can catch up and get ahead. For students who already excel in math, the instructors will work with them to expand their math skills and help them achieve their greatest potential. And if your student is "doing OK" when you know they could do much better, we can engage and motivate your child to reach new heights.

  • What age students does Mathnasium work with?

    We work with children in grades K-12.

  • What kind of results does Mathnasium get?

    Children who consistently attend our learning centres enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom. Multiple independent studies have found Mathnasum to improve student performance on standards-based tests in 20 sessions or fewer.

  • How long does my child need to attend Mathnasium?

    We recommend 2-3 times a week until learning goals are met and parents are satisfied with what their child has accomplished.

  • Is there a Mathnasium near me?

    It's likely that there is a location near you, as there are over 1,000 Mathnasium centres in North America.

  • What if I can't get my child to a centre twice each week?

    We realize that with busy family schedules it can be hard getting your child to the centre twice a week. That's why we offer flexible scheduling as well as our online option—Mathnasium@home—to make it easier to attend weekly sessions. If your child is still unable to attend, they won't miss anything because we work at their pace and will simply meet them where they are at their next session.

  • What do you do ... and what is your method?

    The Mathnasium Method™ uses a combination of techniques to build math knowledge upon what students already know, so they're able to retain what they learn and gain confidence along the way.

  • Do you give homework to students?

    No. All learning occurs under the efficient and effective guidance of our trained instructors. Adding homework would risk frustration and overload. In fact, we'll set aside some time each session to help your student with their school homework.


Help Your Child Discover Their Math Potential

With over 1,100 centres in North America, you'll likely find our math tutors nearby. Get started now:
  • Find a location
  • Schedule a math assessment
  • Receive a customized learning plan with the best math tutoring nearby
Get Started by Finding a Local Centre