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Students need math knowledge, not test tricks

Mathnasium’s math test prep tutoring teaches critical thinking and problem-solving skills that lead to success on standardized tests and beyond. Our approach to math test prep ensures that students truly understand the math.

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Mathnesium teaches very well with friendly environments. Teachers are excellent. My daughter improved a lot .

Nashida Chowdhury

Very nice place! My baby girl only 9 years old and she loves it. Friendly and knowledgeable teachers, welcomin...

Vera DiMauro

Your Student Will Be Well-Prepared

Mathnasium's test prep tutoring instructors work with students individually to help them understand the math concepts they'll face on standardized tests. This is the only way to achieve math mastery and get the results they want. We will help your child be prepared with math SAT prep, math ACT prep, and math practice test prep.

In just a few months our son was able to master his algebra issues and raise his standardized test score beyond his expectations!

- Tim M.

Our Instructors Prepare Your Child

Our instructors are specially trained to teach the skills needed on standardized tests.

My son said all the instructors are great! They're all approachable and friendly

- Debra F., parent

Our Math Test Prep Method Gets Results

The proven Mathnasium Method™ builds the foundation for math mastery through deep understanding. Additionally, we provide:

  • Math Placement Test Prep
  • Math Practice Test Prep
  • Math ACT Prep
  • Math SAT Prep


of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding



of parents report improved attitude toward math after attending Mathnasium



of students saw an improvement in their school grades

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to contact your local Mathnasium Learning Centre with any questions you may have about preparing for the ACT or SAT. Here are some of the more common ones we get:

  • How can I increase my child's SAT/ACT score?

    One of the best ways you can help your child improve their test scores is by providing plenty of support and encouragement in all the right ways. Encourage them to build their vocabulary, take multiple practice tests, and team up with Mathnasium!

    Our math test prep tutoring approach is engaging, fun, and best of all, effective.

  • How can I help my child be a better test taker?

    There are three things you can do to help your child be a better test taker. First, you can encourage them to begin studying well in advance rather than cramming the night before. Also, make sure they get plenty of sleep to refresh and recharge their brain for the exam.

    Finally, give them every advantage with our test prep tutoring approach. Our proven instruction methods can help your child achieve their best test scores.

  • How can I prepare for tests at home?

    To prepare for tests at home, get started studying early! Take classes seriously and focus on comprehending the concepts covered right from the start of each lesson. If you run into trouble, don’t wait to get test prep tutoring.

    And if you’re preparing for the ACT or SAT, teaming up with Mathnasium for math ACT prep or math SAT prep will ensure that you’re prepared to the best of your ability.

  • How can I help my child prepare for final exams at home?

    Math test prep at home begins with a solid foundation in math concepts learned in the classroom, reinforced by math test tutoring and supported at home. Encourage your child to maintain focus throughout their classes and not procrastinate in their studies. Make sure they don’t wait until the last minute to reach out for help, either!

  • How can I prepare for final exams at home?

    Final exams should accurately reflect your math skills, comprehension of math concepts, and preparation. Math test prep with Mathnasium can help you hone your current math skills, brush up on ones that are a little shaky, and grow your confidence while lessening any test-taking anxiety. Practice regularly, and begin reviewing problems far in advance before your final exams.

  • How can I increase my SAT math score?

    To increase your SAT score, you should include taking the practice SAT, known as the PSAT, in your math SAT prep. Taking the PSAT can improve the score you receive on the SAT just by helping you familiarize yourself with what the test is like.

    You can take the SAT multiple times, so make sure to retake it if you don’t achieve the score you were hoping for. Many colleges will only count your top scores in their admission decisions.

  • How can I increase my ACT math score?

    Any math placement test prep you take, including math ACT prep with tutors, teachers, or peer groups, should begin well before the day you take the ACT. Take challenging courses throughout high school, and make sure to study hard and participate in class.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to study or get help if you need it. Mathnasium can help you achieve your best scores with expert math ACT prep.

  • What happens during the initial assessment at Mathnasium?

    At Mathnasium, we understand that assessments can sometimes feel stressful for students. That’s why we take a personalized and engaging approach to each assessment. We start by building rapport with your child, giving them a short centre tour, and setting expectations.

    We conduct both a verbal and written assessment to identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement as well as to gain a true understanding of how each student approaches and thinks about math. More importantly, our assessments don’t feel like a test – we use interactive methods to ensure your child feels comfortable and confident.

  • How often will my child take assessments at Mathnasium?

    At Mathnasium, we use assessments to track your child’s progress and make sure they are on the right path to math success.

    We typically start with an assessment at the beginning of their program and follow up periodically to keep track of how they’re doing. We work with your child to determine the right frequency for their assessments based on their individual needs and goals.


Your Child Can Ace Their Standardized Tests

Mathnasium gives them:
  • The necessary critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • A deep level of understanding required for test success
  • Test-taking confidence
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