Graduation Nears for a Mathnasium Mathematician

Apr 16, 2021 | Bayview Sheppard

This year, we celebrate the high school graduation of one of the brightest students we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with at Mathnasium of Bayview Sheppard.
Justin first arrived at our centre in June 2016, less than a year after we opened our doors. He was at the end of his Grade 7 year and was looking for a program to help him further develop and build upon his understanding and love of math.
Over the next 5 years, Mathnasium provided enrichment opportunities for Justin and challenged him with complex material that took him far beyond what he was learning in school.
Although good grades were important to Justin, what really drove him was the curiosity to question, dig deeper, and learn. To us math educators, that is the sign of a true mathematician!
Our Mathnasium instructors taught him the skills of critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving, and Justin was eager to keep growing and seeking knowledge. His hard work and perseverance were an inspiration to us all.
As he graduates from his final year of Grade 12, we celebrate Justin’s accomplishments and wish him great success as he prepares for higher education.
The team at Mathnasium of Bayview Sheppard look forward to continuing our work encouraging students who love to learn, just like Justin.
Read on to see what Justin has to say about his time at Mathnasium of Bayview Sheppard!