What People Are Saying about Mathnasium of Dufferin Grove

Mar 21, 2022 | Dufferin Grove

We could give you tons of reasons why Mathnasium is a great choice for your child (see below).

  • The Mathnasium Method(™) was designed, developed and refined over 40+ years experience teaching math to kids!

  • Our unique assessment process determines (with great accuracy) exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn. Our assessment reveals each specific skill area that needs to be mastered so kids aren’t wasting time reviewing concepts they already know.

  • Customized learning plans mean your child is getting help with exactly what they need and building a foundation and a confidence they can rely on for years to come!

  • Tutors who really care. Mathnasium instructors are passionate, patient, positive and bring a collaborative personality to math instruction. Our instructor and your child become a team, ready to face challenges and build skills together!​

But, research shows that 90% of you will care more to hear from our happy clients than hear us blather on about how great we are (even though we are pretty great!). Check out what parents and caregivers have to say about Mathnasium of Dufferin Grove, one of the city’s top math tutors in Toronto!

For over four years now, Mathnasium has been instrumental in helping my daughter get through math, starting in public school and now during high school. I have been so impressed with Carlos and Thomas and their team. They are supportive, collaborative, helpful, flexible and professional - a dream combination!!!

My daughter was not a fan of math in general. Having her be apart of this team has given her the confidence and happiness that comes with learning something new. Every single teacher makes her feel smart and they are all encouraging. I've seen her confidence and skills in math grow dramatically. Thank you for being apart of her learning.

We have loved our experience with Mathnasium - our kids have not only enjoyed their sessions and their tutors, they have both reported feeling more confident in their skills and working through their assignments in school. Highly, highly recommend. We've sent other families here for help as well and they all agree that it has been the best decision they've made in helping their kids gain skills and confidence in math.

As always we are so happy with Mathnasium - it has given our kids the support they need to feel confident getting back to regular classes at school. Grateful for this team of caring and dedicated teachers and staff.

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