Summer Math Tutoring Helps Kids Get Ahead

Apr 28, 2022 | High Park

It’s that time of year again. When parents are thinking about summer activities for their children.

This summer, consider an activity that can give your child a huge advantage when school resumes in the fall - driving math excellence, with Mathnasium.

Mathnasium’s personalized learning plans are proven to improve grades and help kids catch up and get ahead. With live face-to-face instruction, either in-centre or online. There’s no better time for kids to take a leap forward in math than summer. And don’t worry—your child will still enjoy the season. Because we make learning math fun!

Contact Mathnasium of High Park today to discuss our Summer curriculum.

Now sure if Mathnasium is right for you and your child? Check out our Guide to Choosing a Math Tutor in Toronto for guidance.