Mathnasium Rolls Out New Great Foundations Program for 4-6 Year Olds

Nov 1, 2020


Los Angeles, CA — Mathnasium Learning Centres, the nation’s leader in math-only supplemental education, is rolling out its new Great Foundations program to give 4-6 year olds an advantage as they head into their school years. Research shows that an early start in math can make a big difference in a child’s future1, and Mathnasium is taking the lead.

“Mathnasium is ecstatic to release Great Foundations to the system,” said John Bianchette, Associate V.P. of Education and Training. “Following a significant period of strategy, development and testing, what has emerged is a world-class program crafted specifically for the unique needs of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, delivered by the community’s local highly-trained instructional staff. Great Foundations will solidify a child’s awareness of the mathematical world around them, develop their inquisitive minds and incorporate a lot of fun while doing it. The result is a tremendous introduction to Mathnasium for early mathematical thinkers, preparing them for our transformational Numerical Fluency Addition and Subtraction program and beyond.”

The Great Foundations program includes curriculum designed to engage the younger age group and is taught using the same caring, face-to-face instruction Mathnasium is known for. Because the lessons are engaging and fun, children develop a love of learning as well as an ability to work independently.

Great Foundations was introduced in a successful pilot program over the last year, and Mathnasium is enthusiastic about expanding the program to its franchisees of over 1000 Learning Centres across North America after receiving positive feedback from parents. “My kids loved the program and asked to go more,” said parent Mark M., “They started kindergarten well ahead of the rest of the students.”

Interested parents are invited to contact their local centre to learn more about the Great Foundations program.

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