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WE ARE OPEN! Offering Live In-Center and Online Math Tutoring options. Our new Supervised Study Space program also offers parents a drop off option for students to attend their Online school classes from the comfort of our learning center.

News from Mathnasium of Chula Vista

COVID 19 Slide, Summer Slide, and Other Specially Curated Programs at Mathnasium

May 14, 2020

As many students approach the end of the current school year, it can be easy to start to lose motivation, kick our feet up, and wait for summer vacation. However, for most students, this summer is far more critical than they realize.

With school closures and the transition to home distance learning, many students' motivation and engagement in their education has dropped, and they are anticipated to experience devastating learning loss titled the COVID19 slide. In a normal summer, if students aren't keeping their minds and skills engaged and active, they can lose up to two months of their previous school year's learning, and return to school having trouble with assignments or assessments that build upon the prerequisite knowledge they were expected to have brought into the classroom with them from last year.

However, this year, many experts predict that by the fall, many students may have forgotten learning equivalent to several months to more than a school year or material! In the short term, this learning loss can affect student's grades and motivation in the classroom, and in the longer term, students' confidence suffers and they may lose interest in engaging in school at all. For middle and high schoolers, this can mean missing out on critical years of their education that are the foundational steps toward higher education and university, and even for younger students, missing critical concepts even as early as third or fourth grade can affect their middle school years, which then have negative impacts on their high school performance.

How can parents help? Regular enrichment through outside resources like learning centers, podcasts, books, even just once or twice a week can help keep students minds active and exercised, and keep them prepared for the upcoming school year, future, and challenges. 

Mathnasium @Home can be especially effective for students who crave individualization in their education. Everything at Mathnasium from the customized learning plans, to the 1:1 interaction with instructors is totally tailored with every student's individual needs and goals in mind, which means Mathnasium can be effective for students form all backgrounds whether they are a stellar mathlete, or still learning to love math, and for students of all ages, from kindergarteners to high schoolers, with customized programs to match!

Learn more about our first steps, SAT/ACT programs, @Home, or other specially curated programs by calling us today at 619-946-5686!