Give Thanks to Math

Nov 18, 2022 | Location Chula Vista

With Thanksgiving coming around, there's going to be a lot of pie. Wouldn't it be nice if students could calculate the area and circumference of these delicious treats. At mathnasium the only dessert we are going to be dealing with this upcoming holiday is pi. We at Mathnasium aren't giving thanks to the pilgrims but Archimedes who first used pi. Pi can be found all around us, not just during Thanksgiving and it is up to us to teach your students how to utilize the powerful number.

With Thanksgiving coming around and other holidays around the corner, students tend to have their focus interrupted by the impending breaks. Mathnasium takes this opportunity to foster an even greater relationship with math. We utilize this time during Thanksgiving to give thanks to math and all its done for us. We also try to foster this exact same thinking in our students as they go throughout their schooling. Math is everywhere and it is an important to learn how to interact with it and therefore, this break should not be used to forget everything that has been learned during the fall but to strengthen students' knowledge in the meantime so they can hit the ground running in the coming semester.

Speaking of the following semester. Students tend to start speeding towards the end of the school year. This time is crucial to students to keep on track and prepare for the rest of their schooling and the rest of their lives. In order to set this foundation, students cannot stop interacting with math.Mathnasium offers a myriad of options over the holidays to keep students engaged and also enrich their learning. Take advantage of this break and do not let it go to waste.

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