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WE ARE OPEN! Offering Live In-Center and Online Math Tutoring options. Our new Supervised Study Space program also offers parents a drop off option for students to attend their Online school classes from the comfort of our learning center.

News from Mathnasium of Chula Vista

Mathnasium @Home and Interactive Virtual Learning

Apr 14, 2020

One of the concerns many families have when learning about Mathnasium @Home is the possible lack of interactivity. Many of our students' experiences with math learning from home are frequently quite negative because they are often websites that offer an endless series of drills for students to independently practice their skills with mind-numbing repetition, or they are pre-recorded lessons, where the student just watches an instructor lecture and do example problems. Many students then struggle to stay engaged and retaining material through these types of virtual learning platforms, because they are not interactive, or claim to be interactive when in fact the student's only interaction with the material is clicking it, or typing into a box.

Mathnasium @Home introduces a new standard for math learning from the comfort of home. All Mathnasium @Home instruction is face-to-face in real time with a real life instructor. It utilizes Mathnasium's visual curriculum and innovative teaching model to be as accessible as possible for the student, and ensures the student is actively involved in their learning - asking questions, applying what they know to new concepts, and polishing their problem solving skills. Instructors are even available to help students with their schoolwork and assignments in their @Home sessions, and it's simple and easy for your Mathnasium instructor to then tailor their lesson to whatever prerequisite skills or knowledge your child needs to tackle their assignments, quizzes, and tests!

Mathnasium @Home gives students all the same benefits and experience of our in-center sessions, but from the comfort of home, and moves students away from impersonal learning tools that reinforce students' fear of math and challenging themselves, by inviting students in to a welcoming, interactive platform that encourages students, and gives them the confidence they need to succeed.