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News from Mathnasium of Littleton

Every Child at Mathnasium of Littleton Gets Recognized for Achievement

Jul 23, 2016

We all like to get recognized for achieving goals. Young children literally shout out for positive reinforcement as they learn new skills on the playground. “Look what I can do Mom!” “Grandpa watch this!”

The need for positive reinforcement doesn’t go away. Just take a look at Facebook. Adults have plenty of posts about their latest accomplishments so their friends and family members can shower them with accolades.

Earning the Right to Ring the Bell
At Mathnasium of Littleton, we have a positive reinforcement system to recognize growth and achieving individual goals. This system helps promote the growth mindset so critical to developing confidence in math. Part of the reinforcement comes from getting public recognition for achieving personalized learning goals.

Any time the child gets a 100% on their mastery check, they get to go ring the bell. Everyone in the room stops what they are doing to applaud the achievement. The successful child gets to spin a wheel, like a miniature version from Wheel of Fortune, and earns a small reward. Every child is on a customized learning plan with periodic mastery checks. A mastery check is a quick assessment to see if a child has mastered the skills from a unit. Whether your child is two grade levels behind, or two grade levels ahead, they will be working at the right pace and level for them and they have the potential to ring the bell many times.  

Applause Feels Great
Kids come to Mathnasium to improve their math skills and get challenged. Sometimes kids don’t come here willingly at first but our positive reinforcement usually wins them over.  Kids who have never gotten a good grade in math are suddenly getting a round of applause for their mathematical achievement. Their smiles and sense of pride are priceless.

Stop by and watch this in action! And talk to Suzie about the other ways in which students at Mathnasium of Littleton are encouraged on their path of mathematical understanding and mastery!

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