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The best way to see if we are a good fit for your child’s needs is to contact us and try out our program. This is not an observation session, but a full Mathnasium Tutoring Session. Read our Q&A for more information.


Questions and Answers

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Do you provide Enrichment?

Absolutely! Mathnasium's curriculum is custom tailored to each child's abilities; and whether the child is ahead or eager to catch-up, we have a complete curriculum to explore and have fun with. Since we customize our curriculum to your child's abilities, we avoid boring them with concepts they know; but when your child expresses a deeper interest, we'll focus-on a known concept and explore it in depth. 

Please have your family take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember!
What grade(s) are your children in?

Do you help with Homework and Test Prep?

Yes, and we also provide loaner laptops and tablets and free WIFI for student's to access their online text.  However, there is an old adage to keep in mind "Give a child a fish, and you feed the child for a day; teach a child  to fish, and you feed the child for a lifetime." The Mathnasium Method has been refined for over 40 years to effectively teach your child concepts for the success they crave. Their time in Mathnasium is best utilitized for that purpose. We'll devote a portion of the session for homework, and more for test prep. But if that is insufficient, then it means that increased attendance is necessary to build confidence and independence.

Why do children struggle with math?

Have you ever watched a foreign film without subtitles? You can usually get a good idea of what is going on, but do you really understand the point of the movie?  If a student is missing key foundational math skills, it makes it very difficult to keep up in class. They feel confused and frustrated...much the same way you felt while watching that movie and not understanding the language.

Most schools treat kids the same because it is assumed that all kids learn the same way and at the same rate. The teachers are expected to cover vast amounts of material in a short period of time, not to mention state testing. If your child doesn't get a chance to master a skill for whatever reason – that's too bad. Teachers must move quickly to stay “on schedule". As a result, we see too many kids fall behind in math.

What happens next? The class moves on! Here come multiplication facts, fractions, percentages, decimals, mixed numbers, exponents, ratios, x=?, divisibility rules, algebra, geometry, equations. It never slows down so your child can catch up! They feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, and all alone! They begin to expect and accept failure as the "new normal" and think "I'm just not good in math!" They lose all confidence in themselves and all of their other grades begin to suffer.

Is it any wonder why you have to fight with them to do their homework? With many kids, it is easier for them to fight you and not do the work than to put the effort into it only to see failure again. After a while, it just doesn't seem worth the effort for them.

Will a private one-on-one tutor work?

In most cases a private tutor is a temporary fix for a long term problem. Private tutors only help children "survive" tonight's homework, but they don't address underlying issues. Private tutoring that only assists with the current curriculum and is not going to be a meaningful long term solution. Mathnasium identifies core issues and creates a custom curriculum with teaching material to address those issues. Your child deserves to have that long-term impact in their math education!

How is Mathnasium different?

Great Question! The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. We give them both an oral then written assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think! We sit down with them, put them at ease, and give them an assessment that doesn't feel too easy or too hard. Most importantly, we find out HOW THEY LEARN! Then we build their trust by giving them a few ideas and strategies that they can use immediately. We then build a customized learning plan that targets skill gaps and quickly shows them success. In many cases “success” in math is something they have been craving!

Does Mathnasium really work?

Yes! Quite well, but don't take our word for it - Read our parent reviews or head on over to the results page for our social media reviews.

We get scores of reviews that are glowing about how struggling students come alive after coming to Mathnasium. Their grade increase and their confience skyrockets! Take a moment to read what your neighbors have to say about us.

Why is confidence in math important?

It's not just important: It's critical! Kids need to see that they can do the work so that they can feel confident! This fresh, new confidence will spill over to many other areas of your child's life. At this point you will start to see peace at home! You won't be having to fight with them to do homework. Not only will they have the confidence and the skills to attack it but they'll start bringing home better grades from school. How do we know this? Because we have seen it over and over again with hundreds of our students!


Are you doing one-on-one tutoring?

Another great question! We teach each student individually. Our instructors are not just average math tutors. We have brilliant, engaging, inspiring math experts that work one on one with your child long enough to get them started and make sure they understand what to do. Then the instructor steps back and lets your child work independently to give them the time to process this new information without the pressure and stress of being watched. It also prevents a "learned helplessness" where the student feels that they need the instructor sitting in front of them all the time in order to be successful.

Our instructors quickly come back after a minute or two in order to make sure they are doing the problems correctly, give them encouragement, and praise them for their efforts! If the student needs more help we simply teach the lesson again in a different way without judgment or ridicule until they "get it." This enables your child to become a "confident, independent learner."

How long will it take before my child is back on track?

This is a great question! None of us like to see our children suffer and struggle with something - especially when it affects their self-esteem and other areas of their lives. Unfortunately, how long your child will need to come to Mathnasium depends on many factors including: If they have gaps in their mathematical foundation or not; how deep or wide those gaps are; what their current grade in school is; what your and their goals are for math; what their homework load looks like and what is their work ethic and motivation level to name a few.

As a general guide, we can tell you from experience that most students in the elementary grades who are 1-2 years behind in their skills and who come into the center at least twice per week will need 8-12 months of consistent effort to bring their understanding and mastery of math up to grade level. Middle school and high school students who are failing Algebra will need at least 4-6 months of DAILY work (6-12 months at twice per week) to bring their skills and understanding up enough to get B's or A's in their class (assuming they are turning in their homework and doing what is required of them in class).  Students who attend inconsistently or who work very slowly or resist doing their work, will take even longer. Don't delay! The sooner you get your child help with math, the better it is for everyone!

If this what you want for your child - It's easy to get started!

Simply fill in the contact box above or call/text us at (201) 969-6284 (WOW-MATH).


But wait... how much does this cost?

Mathnasium is effective because we provide highly individualized teaching, and a curriculum customized to your child's needs. Our rates are surprisingly competitive in comparison with a private tutor; and average about $45/hour or less with increasing frequency of attendance. Consider also that in any Mathnasium session, your child will be taught by 4 or more instructor specialists that are all dedicated to ensuring that your child "gets it". We understand that this is a lot to digest, hence we offer you the opportunity of bringing your child to our center for a free trial to see us in action, answer your questions, and discuss our program offerings.

Overview of Our Students' Experience

12 Month Attendance

6 Month Membership

Month-to-Month Membership

Reduce homework frustration

Test preparation

Improve school grades

Increased confidence

Fill foundational gaps


Lose fear of Math


Have fun with Math


Develop number sense


Develop problem solving skills


Develop critical thinking


Long-term mastery of skills


 Recommended Attendance For Catching-Up

Mathnasium is a fit for all abilities, whether a student is ahead, keeping-up, or wanting to catch-up. When a child surges ahead in math, we see a "a rising tide raises all boats" effect where all grades rise too! It's exciting for us to see that effect over and over again. This table illustrates expectations for students wanting to catch-up to grade level. See also a study on over 3,000 Mathnasium students


Elementary School

Middle School and High School

½ year to catch-up: Greater than 50% on prior level assessment.

2x per week 3-8 months

2x per week 3-8 months

1 year to catch-up: Less than 50% on prior level assessment.

2x per week 8-12 months

3x per week 4-10 months

3x per week 6-12 months

4x per week 4-10 months

2 years to catch-up.

3x per week 8-12 months

Daily sessions 4-10 months

Daily 90 minute sessions 8-12 months

More years to catch-up.

Daily sessions more than 12 months

Daily 90 minute sessions more than 12 months

Students who attend inconsistently or who work very slowly or resist doing their work, will take even longer. Don't delay! The sooner you get your child help with math, the better it is for everyone!

Click a button that best describes your child:


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