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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Heather Henke, Center Director/Owner

Heather is excited to bring her passion for education to Green Hills. The prospect of sharing the Mathnasium method with the community is very exciting. “I left the classroom in 2009, but I never lost the desire to enrich children’s lives with the love of learning. When I saw an ad for Mathnasium on the internet, it seeme

d like an answer to a prayer. Upon learning more about the program, I fell in love with the method and knew we needed to share it with others. There could be no better legacy than to have a part in improving the math skills and confidence of our children and instilling an excitement for learning!” Heather holds a Bachelor o

f Social Work degree from MTSU (1996) and a Master of Education- School Counseling, also from MTSU (2003). Heather and her 

husband, Chad, are recent empty-nesters with 2 grown children, and a new grand-daughter! They enjoy going to the movies, biking, and hiking with their dog at Percy Warner Park. Please visit them soon at Mathnasium of Green Hills.



Chad Henke, Owner

Chad earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Tennessee Technological University in 1993. Chad has worked creating software solutions that range from a full retail POS, to a database synchronization solution, to an enterprise solution for the financial industry. He was the Chief Technology Officer and lead software architect of a team consisting of over 100 developers.

Chad’s passion for math began in High School, where one teacher made a huge impact as a mentor, teaching Boolean Algebra. The following year, she designed and created a computer enrichment class for Chad. “My experience in High School forever changed my outlook in life. First, learning that the basic laws of math still held true even in base 2 (vs. base 10) math helped me ‘see’ math for the first time. That vision is what Larry Martinek (the creator of the Mathnasium curriculum) talks about, and what I hope to pass on to the students at our Mathnasium. Second, I learned that one single mentor in your life can have a profound influence. While I have gotten great enjoyment designing software solutions during my career, one of my favorite aspects of my job has always been to mentor others.”

Chad has had many opportunities to mentor others, from his work for the University teaching students how to file a resume electronically in the early 90’s, to mentoring and holding training sessions with other developers, to coaching a middle school robotics team.

One of Chad's hobbies is the new frontier of 3D printing. He is excited about the future of this technology, and hopes to share it with his Mathnasium students.


Paul Klockenkemper, Lead Instructor

 A Nashville native, Paul began studying music prodution before pursuing a degree in physics at Tennessee State University.  Physics offered a chance to try and understand fundamentally how the universe works. After taking so many math classes to support his physics studies, he also achieved a degree in math.  Math is in everything. It's in the planets circling the solar system, the music we listen to, and in the device on which you are reading this.  Math is in the basic, fundamental make up of everything. And an understanding of math is the greatest, most wide-reaching toolbox one can have. It's not something to fear. Helping kids understand that they have the capacity to learn math is important and will assist them is becoming better students in all areas. When he is not officially trying to help others understand math better, Paul is often trying to help himself understand math better. He also enjoys video games and video game history, comic books, playing his guitar, and riding his motorcycle. 


 Trenton Singleton, Instructor

Trenton is a fun-loving, enthusiastic, and gregarious teenager who likes math but doesn't want to take the fun out of it. He is a first year student at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He has been playing the French Horn for eight years now. In his free time he enjoys going to events, hanging out with friends, going outside, and visiting the nursing home to visit the elderly and lift their spirits.

Trenton brings a unique livelihood to our center. From dancing to impersonations, he really knows how to bring joy into the mathematics he's sharing with students. He quickly adapts to whatever situation he's in and makes great efforts to understand a student's perspective in order to figure out how best to teach them. 



                        Vicki Magidson, Instructor

Vicki has lived all over the country as her parents moved a lot for military service. After she graduated high school in the Los Angeles area, Vicki studied chemical engineering at Vanderbilt. She moved a few more times, finally landing in New Jersey for a couple years. She found a job tutoring reading and reading comprehension in Manhattan, New York, which inspired her love of learning and helping others learn. After a few years of working in New York, she returned to Nashville to be closer to loved ones.

Vicki enjoys helping kids reach their full potential and decided to continue working in education. Her favorite parts of working at Mathnasium are helping students feel proud of their accomplishments and giving them the opportunity to have fun while learning. She also loves how Mathnasium gives her the opportunity to continue her own math education, as she gains an even greater understanding of math through teaching it to others.

When she isn't at Mathnasium, Vicki enjoys tending her plants, playing games like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, and crocheting. 

Nia Brown, Instructor

With her grandmother and great-godmother both being avid mathematicians and university math professors, Nia had a love for math instilled in her at a young age. Nia graduated high school from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, NC and is a current junior at Vanderbilt University studying Medicine, Health, and Society. 


Nia is not new to the Mathnasium method, having been a student at Mathnasium in 7th and 8th grade. To her, Mathnasium represents the opportunity for unmeasurable learning and growth in students who may not even realize their full potential. Nia loves to help students understand what they are thinking, why they are thinking, and how they are thinking when it comes to solving problems. In doing so, Nia hopes that students are able to develop a sense of independence, understanding, and appreciation for math.


When Nia is not working at Mathnasium, you can find her hanging out with her friends on Vanderbilt’s campus, eating at Bartaco or Poke Bros, lounging in her apartment playing on her Xbox, or volunteering around the community!




 Holden Korbey, Instructor

Holden is currently in his senior year of high school, and he participates in the IB program at Hillsboro High. He’s played the violin for ten years and plays in HIllsboro’s IB music program, as for the TN Mid-State orchestra program for the past three years. He also leads Hillsboro’s delegation of the Youth in Government club, and participates in the Interdisciplinary Science and Research program, with a goal of studying biomedical engineering in college next year. 


Holden brings a unique perspective to the instruction team because he interacts with the math program in Nashville’s public school system every day, and he can relate to the needs of the students from his own experiences. His favorite aspect of working at Mathnasium is when a student has their ‘aha!’ moment and gets a grasp of a concept they were struggling with before. He also likes the way that Mathnasium keeps him sharp on his math skills on a day-to-day basis, which can help his math experiences at Hillsboro.


When he’s not at Mathnasium, he can usually be found hanging out with friends, mountain biking at Percy Warner, or jamming to Ben Folds on the piano. 



Bear, Our Mathscot