Checking In With the Yang Family

Jul 8, 2021 | Brea

Hello from Mathnasium of Brea ! Maybe you remember reading about one of our favorite Mathnasium families, the Yangs. Today we're getting an update on all four students and how they are progressing in Math:


Carly is going into 9th grade this year so her Mathnasium instructor is helping her get a head start on Geometry. "I'm glad that I'm learning it before school starts," said Carly. "Right now, I'm learning how to calculate the angles of triangles." Then she adds, "I'm pretty good at it." (We LOVE that confidence, Carly!!!)

Frank, our favorite kinesthetic learner, is jumping into 7th grade this fall. His Mathnasium instructor is focusing on teaching Frank with the help of math manipulatives. In this case, Frank is using 3-dimensional blocks to learn the difference between finding an object's surface area or finding its entire volume. Maggie, Frank's Mom, still plans to homeschool Frank next year. "Except for Math," Maggie says. "I've learned that it's much better for us to outsource his Math lessons here at Mathnasium." 

Luke is 11 and will be attending 6th grade this fall. He started Mathnasium just over 3 months ago and has made great progress. Luke's Dad, Lin, noticed, "Luke was eager to go to Mathnasium. He watched his older siblings attend and really wanted to be included." Luke is studying the manipulation of fractions now. "I didn't start with fractions though." He said, "I had to re-learn long division first." Luke's comprehensive assessment revealed a lack of understanding in division, so his Mathnasium instructor made sure to cover it before anything new was taught. 

Rita, the baby of the family, is getting ready to start 4th grade. Rita wanted to start Mathnasium "because of the prizes." (We don't blame you, Rita.) "She walked in the first day and saw the reward cabinet," explains Maggie. "She was like 'Whoa'." Rita chose the reward she wanted, and when the goals she made are met, the reward will be hers. "It definitely motivated her to hit the ground running," laughed Maggie. "I think she's already halfway to getting the toy she wants."

The Yang family is loving Mathnasium of Brea , just like the many families around . Come join us! Sign up now . Call today to get started .