Math can be fun. Like, for real.

Mar 13, 2021 | Brea

When thinking of fun things to do, math usually lands somewhere next to filing taxes and having dental work done. Oxford Learning states, "Math has a widespread reputation for being the subject students hate. It's not uncommon to hear 'I hate math class' or 'math is too hard'."

Is it math the student actually hates? Larry Martinek, creator of the Mathnasium Method, thinks otherwise. He explains, "Children don't hate math, what they hate is being confused, intimidated and embarassed by math."

If the confusion, intimidation, and embarassment were omitted.... could more students enjoy math? Could it be, dare we say it, fun?

Brea math fun

Of course. We know because that's what we do. We've seen it again and again and again.

At Mathnasium of Brea , we use a patented and time-proven method to ensure understanding. With understanding comes confidence, and with confidence comes interest and excitement. Betterexplained recently published an article highlighting this concept. "Math is about ideas. Math problems are just ways to express them. Once the concept is clear, solving equations will snap into place." That 'snapping into place' is what we specialize in. 

Lavinia, a Mathnasium parent, has a daughter who used to struggle in math. After attending Mathnasium, Lavinia noted, "If your child is missing pieces of information when it comes to math; they will have a hard time putting the 'puzzle' together. Mathnasium is great at ensuring your child has all the pieces needed to make a beautiful masterpiece in the end." ('Beautiful masterpiece' sounds a lot better than 'I hate math', right?)

William B., another Mathnasium parent, explained it this way, "My daughters are thriving at Mathnasium. They have nothing but positive vibes for a subject that is very hard for most kids".

Our Mathnasium instructors are well-trained and ready to clear away the confusion-of-math and introduce the fun-of-math instead.