Mathnasium@home Login Tips

Apr 7, 2020 | Brownsburg
Tips to make your Mathnasium@Home experience as smooth as possible!
Hello everyone!
If you're still uncertain about the login process or have yet to do it, please read the following.  It will guide you through creating an account and logging into the classroom.
Most Important Tips
  • You must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • You must be on a laptop or computer, no phones or tablets
  • Google (gmail) accounts are strongly recommended
  • If you have multiple student logging in at once, they MUST be on different computers and using separate accounts with different emails
Follow these steps to create your account
1. Go to the Mathnasium@Home website
b. If you need to copy the website address, copy from below:
2. You should see this page, below.
If you have created an account or already have google (gmail), proceed to login! Google (gmail) accounts use the "G" button, all other accounts use the orange button. If you arrive in the classroom, you're done! If you arrive at the Student Support Directoryskip to Step 5.
4. If you have not created an account, let's make one!
a. If you have a google (gmail) account, click on the "G" button. Use your normal gmail information and you will be directed into the classroom. If you get to the Student Support Directoryskip to Step 5.
b. If you do not have a google (gmail) account, click on the orange button. Enter your name, email and create a password. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your account. Return to the original web page (Step 1), click the orange button and login with your new information.
5. If you arrive at the Student Support Directory, shown below...
...Click on the URL bar...
...and type in this new address, ...
You will be directed to the classroom (if the URL is blocked on your device, type in the longer URL listed above in Step 1b)!  Hang tight, you don't need to do anything else. We will move you into your student session when your time starts and an instructor will be in to get you started.
Bonus Tips for Webcam and Microphone Help!
The following links will direct you to a website which allows you to test your camera, microphone and computer sound without entering the classroom.  If you have trouble turning on these devices, read through the guidelines on these sites for help setting the devices up.
When you have your devices working, save or remember your settings so they will continue to work in the future!