Mathnasium is in the finals!

Nov 3, 2023 | Cary Park

The 2023 WRLA Voter’s Choice Awards kicked off this September, honoring educational institutions that stand out for their exceptional contributions to learning and development. Among the esteemed nominees, Mathnasium emerged as a shining contender, earning a well-deserved spot in the finals. This prestigious recognition reflects Mathnasium's unwavering dedication to fostering a love for mathematics and providing students with invaluable tools to excel academically.

The journey from nomination to the finals has been an incredible testament to Mathnasium's commitment and the overwhelming support of voters. Each vote cast by parents, students, educators, and the community played a pivotal role in propelling Mathnasium into the final round. It's a testament to the impact Mathnasium has had on countless young learners, shaping their mathematical proficiency and instilling confidence in tackling complex problems.

As we eagerly anticipate the culmination of this exciting journey, Mathnasium extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who believed in their mission and took the time to cast their votes. The anticipation mounts as January 2024 approaches when the WRLA Voter’s Choice Awards will reveal the results. Regardless of the outcome, Mathnasium is immensely grateful for the support received and remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing mathematical excellence among students. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated announcement and let's celebrate the collective efforts that have brought Mathnasium to this prestigious stage.