The Difference of Deep Understanding

Oct 29, 2021 | Cary Park


Parents from all over Cary, Morrisville, South Durham have begun to see the difference that real math understanding makes for their children. You know, the kind of understanding that enables a student to grasp the “why” behind a concept. One mother put it this way: 

“We've been working with Mathnasium for a few years. Now that our children are middle and high schoolers, they can demonstrate their math knowledge on significant tests like the SATs. The most exciting development from Mathnasium is that our daughter is now interested in a chemistry major, and she wouldn't have been able to access that interest if Mathnasium didn't clear the path for her with math competence.” -D. F.

(Looks like understanding math can open up a plethora of opportunities for your child. Chemistry Major, anyone?)

When a child masters math concepts, as opposed to simply skimming through with minimum comprehension, that child builds lasting confidence. Not just confidence in math skills, but confidence in their ability to learn hard things

“Math was a daily struggle and frequently led to frustration, anger, and sometimes even tears. Now my daughter's math skills are consistently improving every week and she actually looks forward to her time at Mathnasium. She is much more confident during math class, homework, and daily life-math… She is happy... and proud of her newfound mathematical prowess.” -B. P.

Mathnasium of Cary Park has been helping kids master math for 12 years. Our Director, Ann Stengel, looks forward to meeting you and your student.

If your student attends nearby schools Mills Park ES, Alston Ridge ES, White Oak ES, Parkside ES, Horton's Creek, ES Panther Creek HS, Green Level HS, Green Hope HS, come see us at 10120 Green Level Church Road, Suite 214, at Cary Park Town Center near Andia's Ice Cream.

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