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The Mathematics of Snowflakes: Nature's Exquisite Mathematical Masterpiece

Dec 12, 2023 | Cherry Hill Blog

Discover the mesmerizing world of snowflake geometry! From hexagonal symmetry to fractal patterns, delve into the beauty and intricacies of these frozen masterpieces. Learn how math unveils the secrets of each unique flake. Let's embrace winter's wonderland with the magic of numbers!

Unraveling the Mysteries: A Math Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Nov 21, 2023 | Cherry Hill Blog

Embark on a thrilling journey of discovery with our Math Scavenger Hunt Adventure! Dive into the world of numbers, unraveling mysteries, and unlocking the secrets of mathematics. Join us on this interactive quest, where learning meets excitement, and every clue leads to a new mathematical revelation.

Mathematics in Travel: Navigating Budgets, Distances, and Beyond

Nov 14, 2023 | Cherry Hill Blog

Did you know that November is the busiest Travel Day of the whole year!?! It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving! Explore the world with math! From budgeting your dream trip to calculating distances, mathematics plays a vital role in travel.

Unraveling the Mystique of Seashells: A Fascinating World of Mathematical Patterns

Aug 8, 2023 | Cherry Hill Blog

Discover the mesmerizing world of seashells in our latest blog post! This will take you on a journey through the intricate beauty of these marine wonders. Explore the mathematical secrets that lie within their spirals, shapes, and patterns.

What to give math lovers this holiday season

Dec 13, 2022 | Cherry Hill Blog

The holiday season is fast approaching and the hunt for the perfect gift is on. Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your math teacher or a math lover in your life? Well look no further, we have compiled a comprehensive list of perfect gifts to give that math lover in your life or even someone you’d like to encourage to have a love for math!