Putting the Fun Back Into Learning

Nov 5, 2021 | Cherry Hill


    Humans are naturally curious creatures. Throughout our existence, we have developed diverse languages, societal systems, and wonders of technology. Babies come into this world like sponges, absorbing all that they see and experience, learning to walk, communicate, and developing the ability to function independently, somewhat. Yet, at some point, this inquisitive nature dwindles and is replaced with apathy. What causes this shift in mental alignment? Expectations. 


There are minimal expectations for learning as a baby, and the baby doesn’t even know about them. When a child is worried about a grade, living up to their teacher’s or a parent’s expectations, this constricts the more absorbent parts of their minds. Deadlines, grades, and projects put a damper on the fun of learning because they are no longer learning for the sake of learning. They are learning for the sake of jumping through hoops and producing something they may not enjoy or care about producing. 


While it is important to get updates on how a child’s education is going, the emphasis on making sure they do well on these updates hiders their overall learning experience.


So what can we do about this? We can realign how we model teaching and learning. Instead of emphasizing getting good grades or regurgitating information, emphasize engaging children in worthwhile, enjoyable, and of course, educational experiences. This shows them that learning is not restricted to the classroom or just to make their parents or teachers happy. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Education can be fun, and we can put the fun back into teaching!


That is why here at Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, we use the Mathnasium method, designed to meet the needs of each student and cater to their interests and needs. We make math learning fun! 


Our director Stephanie is excited to learn about your child and help them rekindle their spark with learning. Sign up today for an assessment.