Assessments at Mathnasium

Mar 20, 2023 | Chula Vista

We are so excited for our students to near the end of the school year and make their way to their next grade level. We see them grow a few inches, but how do we measure the growth in knowledge?

Here at Mathnasium of Chula Vista, we will be conducting assessments for the next few months to make sure our students are ready for the next school year. You may wonder how our assessments work.

For our students who have been with us for a while, we conduct progress checks or post assessments so we can see the growth they have had since they first came into our center. These progress checks help us assess what concepts our students need to master which will help prepare them for the next school year.

For students who have fallen behind and are seaking our services before the end of the year, we make sure we know how their foundational skills have affected their learning of new concepts. If these foundations were not fully mastered, it is evident that bigger concepts that students are being introduced to are more difficult and often not undertood fully.

Our assessments are the best way to know what concepts students need to focus on most and we make sure to close out any gaps and enrich their learning so they are prepared for bigger, more difficult concepts that built on foundations.

Call in today (619)946-5686 schedule your free assessment here at Mathnasium of Chula Vista so we can create a customized learning plan for your student to make sure they are on the right track in their learning!