Just because the holidays are starting up, does not mean that learning should be slowing down. When kids start to get into vacation mode their grades may be in danger of dropping and the topics they have learned so far may be in danger of going in one ear and out the other. Mathnasium acts as a front against this danger. By continuing their learning throughout the breaks, students are not only able to retain what they have learned but may be able to get ahead of their peers. This boost allows them to get and stay on top of their learning and foster success during the school year.

Speaking from experience, when the holidays come around, it is hard to focus on the work that needs to be done. Thinking about upcoming vacations and relaxation may hinder students as it steers their focus in the wrong direction. The fall semester/quarter is crucial for introducing students to a myriad of topics at the start of the school year and focusing on the upcoming holidays may endanger this new information of not being retained.

In order to prevent these students from losing the knowledge they’ve worked so hard to understand and learn, Mathnasium continues to help students by getting them even more familiar with the new topics they’ve been introduced to and building on this foundation so students can apply this knowledge to even more problems. Students work hard during the Fall semester and they deserve a break, that doesn’t mean that they should just forget all that they have learned. In order to preserve this balance, Mathnasium provides a fun and enriching environment for students to take control of their learning and stay in control. Schedule your free trial and free consultation today! (619) 946-5686