As the year rounds up and students begin to plan their school break, both parents and students often begin to neglect studies, wishing holiday breaks would come faster. However, the ending of the year can be the most academically intensive period. With finals approaching, and teachers rushing through chapters trying to reach a goal by the end of the semester, students need help the most at this time.

Once the holidays come, students feel like they are done with learning and shut their minds off to anything academics. The problem with this is that once school is back in session students have a harder time getting back to the routine and have forgotten most of the things they learned before the holidays.

This is why continuing students' progress is so important during the holidays. We understand that students go on vacation and we love to see how excited they are to tell us all about their adventures. We also understand that working on students' foundational skills is so important during the holidays to get them ready for the extensive curriculum that awaits them in the new year.

Don't hesitate and wait until the new year to enroll your student in Mathnasium when you know they need the help NOW.

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