Ways You Can Recognize Your Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9, 2019 | Cinco Ranch

 “Let us remember: One book, one pen, and one teacher can change the world” -Malala Yousafzai

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week and it’s time we recognize the unsung heroes in our society. Teachers are often the second most influential adults—after parents—in a child’s life. The best teachers teach the lessons that stick with us through life, but it’s the passion that teacher have for the content that leaves the biggest impression and motivates in future years.

We should always try to show our appreciation for the teachers around us and this week is the week to do it.

We’ve listed five easy ways that students and parents can share their gratitude to their teachers this week.

Write a heartfelt card or note.

It’s the thought that counts after all. Our teachers just want to know they are making a difference in each student’s learning. A simple thank you note does just that. A handwritten note is always best but even a heartfelt email letting them know you’ve noticed the hard work they’ve put in will put a smile on their face.

Tell the principal how much you appreciate your favorite teachers and why.

Teachers are evaluated every year. Hearing from parents that one of your teachers has made a positive impact in their child’s life can go a long way. A quick email will do the trick.

Donate to their classroom.

Most teachers have a Wishlist of items for their classroom. Parents can donate items like boxes of Kleenex, pencils, and even cash for field trips. When these items aren’t supplied by the school or parents, teachers often end up purchasing them from their own personal funds.

Give them gift cards.

Believe it or not, teachers like to go out and have a good time like everybody else. Treat your teacher by giving them a gift card to their favorite stores and restaurants.

Be a good student. Be a good person. Pay it forward.

Generally, teachers choose to become teachers because they have a passion for working with kids and want to make a difference in their lives. The best way to show your teacher that you value him or her is to be a good student in and out of the classroom and by helping others in the same way.

Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand or expensive gesture. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference, after all. The important thing is to have that gesture come from the heart. Be sure to thank your favorite teachers for everything they do this week!