Defeat the Summer Slide: Empower Your Child’s Math Journey

Jun 5, 2023 | Columbia


Don’t Go Down the Summer Slide! 🛝

Tick, tock! The clock is ticking, and the notorious "Summer Slide" is lurking around the corner. Research has revealed a startling truth: students who don't engage in summer learning can lose up to a month's worth of hard-earned math knowledge during the break. Without a strategic plan in place, these gaps in your child's math education will continue to widen, placing them further behind when the new school year begins.

The Top 2 Reasons to Enroll in a Summer Math Program

Math is Cumulative: Math skills are like building blocks. Each concept lays the foundation for the next, and students without strong foundational knowledge will struggle as they progress through grade levels. Fortunately, summer provides the perfect opportunity to tackle these gaps head-on. With no homework or test preparation to distract them, students can focus their energy on developing number sense and mastering fundamental skills.

Accelerated Growth: Mathnasium’s Summer Program is designed to turbocharge learning, covering material at twice the speed of traditional schools. Just imagine the possibilities! In a mere 2.5 months at Mathnasium, your child can conquer a staggering 5 months worth of math material. By attending Mathnasium over the summer, they not only avoid the dreaded "Summer Slide," but they’re also catapulting themselves ahead!

Don't let the summer steal your child's hard-earned knowledge. With Mathnasium as your partner, your child will defy the Summer Slide and embrace a summer filled with accelerated growth, newfound mastery, and an unshakeable foundation. The countdown to math success starts now!

Let's Embark on This Adventure Together!

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