Prepping for Online School

Jul 27, 2020 | Corpus Christi

Parent concerns about online school in Texas aren't too different from parent concerns in Lacrosse, Wisconson.  Candace Price from WXOX presents the following:


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - As online learning is likely to be a big part of the upcoming school year, some families worry about the possible shortcomings of virtual education.

Most area students finished last school year online and it wasn't without its challenges.

"We learned a lot of lessons from that. We know that there needs to be more accountability with the students," said Kim Abraham, Superintendent at Houston Public Schools.

School officials hope to address some of those shortcomings this Fall.

"Some of the things we've learned is about student engagement, how to create an engaging environment. We learned about the need to continue individualized feedback and contact with students," said Dr. Aaron Engel, Superintendent, School District of La Crosse.

Houston Public Schools offers free tuition to the Minnesota Virtual Academy, helping teachers and students get acclimated with online learning.

"The curriculum and platform are all designed to be totally delivered in an online world," said Abraham.

Another challenge some households face, not having access to the internet.

"We've been working with families on a number of programs that the state offers for internet access. We've also been able to provide hotspots for families that do not have access. So we're trying to eliminate that barrier wherever possible," said Dr. Engel.

Despite potential challenges, the La Crosse School District is considering an entirely virtual option this Fall.

"Depending on the conditions in the county, we're limited to what we can offer as a school district. If we're not allowed to do face to face instruction, then we're not allowed to bring students into our school buildings," said Dr. Engel.

State officials are expected to release guidelines for Minnesota schools Monday.