A Home School Mom's Experiencing Outsourcing Math Lessons to Mathnasium

Dec 9, 2020 | Desert Ridge

It's okay to outsource math in your homeschooling.

Julie made it clear from our first conversation; she did not want her daughter to share the same math experience she had in school.

Over a year later, she took the time to share her experience finding and enrolling her daughter in Mathnasium so other home schooling parents could learn from her journey.  

So, home school parents, take a peek at Julie's own words!  If this story resonates with you, give us a call today.

Julie's situation: I was horrible in math when I was in school. I never understood the concepts and literally cried every night. My grades were above average except I was failing in math. I did not graduate with honors because of my math scores. I still have math anxiety. When my daughter was in 5th grade, she began having problems with math. I could not help (even with 5th grade math!) and my husband had problems explaining to her in a way that she could understand. I did not want her to end up like me. We found Mathnasium and I am so glad that I called them! My daughter has done well in class and now that she is in 6th, her teacher does not seem to explain things well, so she has the tutors help her. They have even showed me how to do some of her homework so that I can help her when I can't get her to Mathnasium. She no longer struggles and I will keep her in as long as I can!

Why Julie liked/didn't like the curriculum: She (daughter) loves going to Mathnasium! The tutors are wonderful with her and explain problems to her so that she can understand them. I love how they have Mathnasium work and then they help them with homework. They tested her to see where she was and what she needed help with and designed a curriculum based on her needs. If she is learning something in class and doesn't understand it, I just tell them at Mathnasium that she needs help and they spend extra time with her on her homework to make sure that she can do it. She will even look through her homework and circle the ones that she doesn't understand so that these are the ones that are given priority to help with time. Some have complained that it's expensive, but I would gladly give up extras if I had to because understanding math is way more important. Also, you can go as much as you want-how can you beat that?

Any other helpful hints: If your concerned about anything regarding your child's homework or classwork- talk to them! Don't be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns. Also, get to know the tutors and manager. They are great at communicating. Parents always get updates on their child's curriculum and attitude. They have even sat down with me to explain what they taught her so that if she has a problem at home, I can help her.