Math Enrichment and Accelerated Programs in San Antonio, Texas

Jan 1, 2020 | Dominion

Did you know Mathnasium offers enrichment programs for students? Mathnasium is where students in grades K-12 come to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math!

Students and their parents seeking to stay ahead and excel to their fullest potential by broadening math concepts and skills will find that Mathnasium of Dominion’s math enrichment curriculum matches their needs.


At Mathnasium, we love math—using it, talking about it, and especially teaching it. We think math is exciting, fun, and interesting!


Every day, students who excel at math and are eager for greater challenges attend Mathnasium for math enrichment to broaden their math knowledge and learn from our experienced math instructors.


Check out this awesome testimonial from one of our enrichment program students, Jason!

Our Approach

Our programs are designed to give kids more than they get at school. Our specially trained instructors are exceptional at math and love working with kids—they make all the difference. Mathnasium’s educational materials and teaching techniques are designed to challenge students in elementary, middle and high school beyond what they’re learning in school and broaden their horizons in math.


In our math learning center, we nurture and grow your child’s natural enthusiasm for math by broadening skills and challenging students to think the way that natural mathematical thinkers do.


To determine an advanced student’s math abilities, Mathnasium of Dominion gives written and verbal assessments that are exclusive to the Mathnasium Method.


Based on the diagnostic assessment results, our math instructors build customized learning plans designed to fit a gifted student’s math abilities in two important ways --

  1. Avoid spending time on things they already know
  2. Build learning plans to enhance and enrich their math talents

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About Our Center



We encourage you to view our other reviews online or simply ask a friend about their experience with us.

Will my child get one-one-one attention?

Our student to teacher ratio averages 3:1. This means that students receive the one-on-one attention they need in a small group environment. This benefits the students because they not only receive the coaching needed to learn new skills and concepts but we also give them the "space" needed to independently apply and practice these ideas.  

Who are your tutors?

We have the best and brightest instructors in all of San Antonio. Most of our instructors come from UTSA, Basis High School and Brandies High School. They are caring dedicated instructors with strong math backgrounds. Our instructors have been background checked, trained (online and in person) in the Mathnasium Method and most importantly can relate well with students.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our most popular program is about $37 per hour.

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