Mathnasium and BASIS Seniors

Apr 18, 2019 | Dominion

Below are testimonials from other BASIS seniors that found Mathnasium to be beneficial to their growth. 

From Sepehr Seifi:
1. I was surprised how interacting with the kids made my hours at Mathnasium fly by so fast. I would come in at the start of my shift and after a couple of kids, I’d glance at my watch only to realize 3-4 hours have gone by and it’s almost time to leave. These kids eventually turned into a family to me and the relationships we build almost make me feel like an older brother tasked to make sure they succeed and get their grades higher. Those kids and the interactions we are allowed to have with them make working at Mathnasium more of a fun activity than a job. I can confidently say this because working at Kumon was the complete opposite. I was dying the get out of there and having a no talking rule just made me feel like those kids were just some robots doing work and leaving. So when it comes to Mathnasium I can for sure say it’s not a job I’m forced to go to its 100% my PLEASURE to work there and I wouldn’t switch it for any other job in the world for a high school or even college student. 
2. Basis ends around 3ish during our senior year meaning we have a good 30 minutes to get to Mathnasium and not have to worry about being late especially since you can give employees shift availabilities it’s really easy for BASIS kids to say what times they can and cannot work.
3. Yes, I recommend BASIS kids 100%, because we are smart and almost all of us can do just about any math needed. Coming from a small school we are surprisingly social meaning communication isn’t a problem, and if you get multiple BASIS kids then there’s no need to try to bond all the employees since BASIS kids have known each other for years.
From Emma:
1) One aspect I surprisingly enjoy working at Mathnasium is how involved and excited the kids are to be there. It makes instructing them more interactive and engaging, especially when they make a breakthrough in the learning process. 
2) Working at Mathnasium has never interfered with school and has fit into my schedule already studded with extracurriculars and school-related activities. 
3) I would highly recommend BASIS students to work at Mathnasium because their senior schedule works well with Mathnasium’s needs. Times are flexible and compliant to school, and it reinforces academic methods and math skills. 
Thank you, 
Emma Garcia