Mar 5, 2019 | Dominion

We are preparing our students for the Math STAAR by teaching them concepts that they will need to be successful, not only on the STAAR, but in their academic future. We are looking to exceed your expectations so we're going a step farther! Follow the 3 steps below to see how we can support your student even more as we prepare for this exam.

Step 1: Print the 2018 STAAR Test and have your student take the test. It's okay if they don't know the answers to some of the questions. What's important is that they become more familiar with the test and let us know which concepts they're still struggling with. Click here for the released STAAR Test. (Note: If your school has already had your students take a practice STAAR / CDB then the results from that test can be used as a substitute.)

Step 2Bring us the results. We will use the results to refine their learning plan and provide you with more relevant material that you can study at home.

Step 3: Repeat. We will repeat this process for the 2017, 2016 and 2015 Math STAAR test. Each test should reveal increased understanding and comfortability with the material.

Why not have us administer the practice STAAR test here?  Great question! Out of respect for the financial investment of our parents. I don't want to turn our tutoring center into a testing center. Instead I want to empower parents to leverage free online resources AND Mathnasium to see their student succeed.

Why give STAAR test preparation homework? Can't Mathnasium just teach it all? Given enough time Mathnasium can teach and reinforce any number of concepts with our students. However, with the STAAR test just a few months away and the level of support we already offer with daily homework and weekly test, our time quickly becomes limited. This STAAR preparation "homework" is simply a courtesy to help enrich students during the time they aren't with us.


Share this post with a friend who needs STAAR test resources as well. We'll freely equip them for success as well. Our mission is to see as many students be successful as possible!