Teacher Appreciation Week - May 3-7, 2021

May 2, 2021 | Eagan

May 3 - 7 is the Teacher Appreciation week. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from Mathnasium of Eagan!

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” -Henry Adams

Teachers are our super heroes. After parents, they are often the most influential adults in our children’s life. The lessons taught by our best teachers stay with us throughout our lives, but often it’s the passion that teachers have for their subject matter that makes the biggest impact, inspiring us in the moment, and for years to come.

While we absolutely should appreciate teachers every day, the first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week here in the U.S., and if ever you were going to show your gratitude to your teachers, this is the week to do it.

Showing gratitude doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it just has to come from the heart. Take a moment to show your teachers how much you appreciate them this week!

Teachers, as with anyone else, just want to know that their hard work is acknowledged, and nothing says gratitude like a simple thank you note. Giving them a physical card with a handwritten note or a heartfelt email letting them know that you’ve noticed the hard work they do will put a smile on their face.

Nominate your teacher to win a $50 amazon gift card by writing a thank you card or an email to your favorite teacher and share it to our below FB post in the comment.