Problem of the Week

Jan 23, 2022 | El Dorado Hills







Did you figure it out?


Answer:  5 packs of cards

Solution:  First, let’s estimate how many packs of cards Kaylee can buy by rounding; $3.50 rounds up to $4.00, and $4.00 goes into $20.00 five times. Let’s try it with the actual value of a pack of cards; $3.50 × 5 = $17.50. That means that if Kaylee buys 5 packs, she’ll have $2.50 left, which isn’t enough to buy another pack of cards. So, Kaylee can buy 5 packs of cards at most.









Did you figure it out?


Answer:  $371.53

Solution:  We can model the increasing value of the painting with the expression x × 1.0250, wherein x is the starting value of the painting, 1.02 represents the percent increase, and 50 is the elapsed time. We know that after the 50 years, the painting is worth $1,000, so $1,000 = x × 1.0250. To solve for x, we divide $1,000 ÷ 1.0250 = $371.53 (remember to round to the next cent).