Testing is NOT going away!

Jun 30, 2020 | Fleming Island

Attention students (and parents/guardians)-

Even though Florida cancelled state testing in the Spring due to Covid-19, if you took Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, or US History this past school year, please read the following message regarding EOC testing.

ALGEBRA 1 STUDENTS: The state Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement remains in place. To graduate, all students who took Algebra 1 during the school year 2019-2020 and those who previously took but did not pass the Algebra 1 EOC- except students who graduated in 2020- will need to pass the Algebra 1 EOC or earn a concordant score on an approved alternative:
*earn a concordant score on the PSAT math section (Given to all 10th graders for free in October)
* earn a concordant score on the SAT or ACT (parent is responsible for signing up the student and paying for the assessment)
*students who took Algebra 1 in SY 19/20 only- pass the Geometry EOC in Spring 2021- please note that the state wide pass rate on the Geometry EOC is much lower than the state wide pass rate on the Algebra EOC. It is not advised to only consider this option as you may miss valuable opportunities to take the Alg EOC or other tests.

SCHOLAR DIPLOMA CANDIDATES: the state still requires passing EOC scores for a "scholar" designation. To earn the scholar designation, students must pass the Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and US History EOCs.

(Note- the 10th grade FSA-ELA graduation requirement is still in effect. However, there is no state summer window for this assessment. All rising 11th grade students will need to take the assessment in the September testing window to replace the test that was missed in the Spring 2020. Students can also take the SAT or ACT and earn a concordant score to replace the 10th grade FSA-ELA).

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