Establishing a Routine for the School Year

Aug 5, 2021 | Folsom

The School Year is Upon Us


Developing a school year schedule, including basic  routines, is essential for everyone’s sanity - students and parents. Having a set routine leads to a smoother tradition into the new school year and will create a sense of consistency. Routines should be created for those times of the day that can make or break a good day. These times are before school, after school, homework, and bedtime.


Before School

The routines that are involved before heading to school are probably the most important as it is the start of the day. Having a filling and healthy breakfast will allow the students to focus during the early classes before lunch time. It is also recommended that children wake up 5 to 10 minutes earlier than the regular waking up time to make up for any potential delays in traffic. A quick brush of the teeth and a comb of a hair - you are on your way to a great day of school. 


After School

After school routines may vary but should include time to discuss what your child did during the school day. A game called 'high and low' is well thought of. This game involves the child stating one highlight of their day and one low. It is quick and easy and fills the parent in on what their child is enjoying or finding frustrating at school. 



Homework routines are essential for all students from grades K through high school. It provides the expectation that homework is important (whether you believe it fully or not, homework is going to be a part of daily life for years to come). A break of about 30 minutes to 1 hour is perfect before homework is to be started. Any distractions such as smartphones and television will see the children take longer to finish the assigned work.



Bedtime is probably one of the important times of the day. Have your child help you clean up the toys, pack the backpack, and lay out clothes for the next morning then get dressed and cleaned up for bedtime. Experts recommend that kids need 10-12 hours (preschool age) or 9-10 hours (school age) so make sure that children are in bed at a reasonable time. Smartphones should be placed away from the bed as they are distractions that could keep the child from sleeping. 


It takes between 4-6 weeks for students to feel set into the new routines of the new school year. Making the transition easier with a bit of consistency and a lot of organization will benefit your child throughout the rest of the school year. Be patient, be consistent, and allow your child to be a part of the creation of the routines