Get to Know Our Center Director, Luke!

May 7, 2020 | Folsom



In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week,
we got someone from our marketing team to interview our
center director, Luke Brown just for fun!




“Thank you for letting me interview you for our blog, Luke.”

Sure thing. Ask away!


“Let’s start with a cliché question. When is your birthday?”

Do I have to say the year?

"Ha! No, you don't."

October 17th.


“Tell me about yourself. Share about your family, school, major, etc.”

Well, I have a son and I have an Associates Degree of Physical Science and Mathematics from American River College.

"No kidding? I have that exact degree from ARC too!"

Ha, small world.


“When did you join Mathnasium?”

Oh, boy...a while back. I got hired August 15th, 2014.

“That's a long time. But we are happy you are part of the team!"

Thank you.


"What do you love most about working with students?”

It's got to be seeing the "Ah-ha" moment when they finally understand the problem.

"Yes! The lightbulb moment! I love that too."

Especially when they were struggling in the beginning. It's really rewarding.


“When you’re not working at Mathnasium, what are your top three hobbies?”

Only top three? Well, I guess walking, playing disc golf & video games, and playing with my son.


“What is one interesting fact about yourself you’d like to share?”

I grew up in Big Trees State Park.

“Really? I've always wanted to do a road trip there."

You should. It's beautiful. 


"Well, thank you for chatting with me. Tell your son I said hi!”

Will do!