Problem of the Week

Mar 20, 2022 | Folsom







Did you figure it out?

Answer:  Aria

Solution:  There are three beach ball bouncers in the group, and Chelsea is the third. So, for each bounce that’s numbered a multiple of 3, Chelsea must bounce the ball. The closest multiple of 3 before 100 is 99, so Chelsea bounces the ball the 99th time. That means that Aria bounces the ball the 100th time because she’s next in the pattern.









Did you figure it out?

Answer:  16π feet

Solution:  If the small umbrella has an area of 16π square feet, its radius must be 4 feet. If its shadow has a circumference of 16π feet, then its radius must be 8 feet. The radius of the shadow is double the radius of the umbrella. Since we know the area of the larger shadow is 256π square feet, its radius must be 16 feet. That means that the radius of the larger umbrella must be half of that, 8 feet, making its circumference 16π feet.

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