Problem of the Week

Feb 27, 2022 | Folsom







Did you figure it out?

Answer:   x = 0.5(1.25)t

Solution:  Every year, the length of the goldfish is multiplied by 1.25. Since the additional length compounds, we’re going to need to multiply by 1.25 a number of times equal to the number of years since the fair. So we’re going to raise our 1.25 to the power of t. This gives us x = 0.5(1.25)t.








Did you figure it out?

Answer:   Margot

Solution:  To solve this problem, we can convert 3¼ to a decimal. A fourth is equal to 0.25, so Terry’s fish is 3.25 inches long. That means that Margot’s fish is bigger because 3.3 is more than 3.25.