5 Ways to Alleviate E-Learning Stress

Sep 10, 2020 | Fort Collins

Your child’s learning environment has likely changed dramatically this year – as they have more/all their classes online. E-learning is a new experience for most of us, but it is not something to fear! Below are 5 ways to alleviate any e-learning stress you may have:

  • #1: Ensure an Organized & Neat Area for Study

    • Every morning ensure your child’s learning area is organized, clean and that all the supplies they may need are easily accessible. Use folders, pens, dividers, highlighters, and binders in your child’s favorite color to help make the area fun and easy to maneuver. Lots of kids like to work while standing up or even transition back and forth between sitting and standing; help them achieve this by providing a raised surface for them to place their computer on. Encourage them to decorate their area with a fun item or picture to make it more inviting and personalized.
  • #2: Personalize the Learning for Your Child

    • E-learning has added a lot of stress and unforeseen obstacles for many families, but there is one big positive – greater freedom when personalizing the education for YOUR child. Being able to see exactly how your child is grasping the math concepts they’re being taught allows you to alter and focus the learning to meet them where they’re at. Whether your child is advanced and needs more of a challenge or is struggling and needs more time on a topic – you can help them achieve this. If you feel your child is in either of these boats, reach out to your teacher for support. They’re eager to know how your child is doing and want to help, it all just comes down to communication.
  • #3: Clear, Yet Flexible Schedule

    • Creating both a daily and weekly schedule will alleviate confusion and stress for both your and your child. It will create a roadmap so that you’re not wasting time that could be spent learning, figuring out what to do next. However, don’t feel that the schedule must be rigidly adhered to. Instead allow it to be flexible and fluid, adjusting to unforeseen circumstances as you encounter them. When creating this schedule, outline both study time and brain breaks. Setting expectations for appropriate activities during study and break times will prevent frustration for both them and you.
  • #4: Create Question/Study Sheets

    • Asking for help is something most students avoid like the plague and now e-learning has added in the uncertainty of where and how to ask for help. Don’t let your student compound their misunderstandings because they’re afraid to- or don’t know how to- ask for help! Reach out to their teachers and outline for your child where and how to ask questions for that class. Having these as an easy reference will alleviate stress and frustration surrounding the process. Have your kiddo jot down their questions in a specific journal as they come across them. With the thoughts written down it will ensure they: don’t forget their question, can continue working on the next problem or assignment, and that they will have an outline of topics to study extra hard before the next test.
  • #5: Reward Growth & Effort

    • Motivating your child with rewards is a great way to positively reinforce your child’s growth and effort. Your kid’s teacher or school may already have a reward system in place, if so make sure they know of and are actively working towards these. Whether or not your school/teacher has a system set up, you may be interested in making your own. Maybe you tally completed assignments, time spent without distractions or growth-mindset questions – rewarding them when they reach a certain number of tallies. Their reward could range from an extended playtime to letting your child choose what to watch for family movie night – whatever it is make sure it is incentivizing for them.

We are always eager to assist families with their math education needs – which is why we are offering both in-person and online instruction. You can choose the method that fits your family best.

Mathnasium@home is our new program where we bring the Mathnasium center and the Mathnasium Method™ to you!  Through Mathnasium@home we offer live math instruction to students from home. This is included in your Mathnasium membership at no additional cost.  Give us a call or send us an email for more information regarding our in-person and online offerings.

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