Revive Your Math Journey: 5 Steps to Reduce Frustrations and Restore Learning Advancement

Jun 4, 2020 | Fort Collins












= Revive Your Math Journey =

Unprecedented Learning Loss is Happening Now

It's not surprising that with all the interruptions, modifications and stresses during the last few months of school, your child's math growth fell stagnant. However, the reality is much worse. During these months where you didn't see your child's typical growth, they were actually experiencing a loss in knowledge. Educational experts are calling this regression the "COVID slide," and it is being paired with the annual "summer slide" for unprecedented learning loss for students.


Take Action ASAP to Rejuvenate Your Child's Relationship with Math

Don't let your child stay stunted in their growth. By adding in focused math time, you are ensuring that they remain in control of their learning and aren't getting pushed along at a pace that doesn't match their level, leaving them always playing catch-up. Give them the help and enrichment they need to rediscover their excitement, comprehension and confidence and resume their upward trajectory.

Follow these 5 steps to reclaim  control  of your child's advancements and find success:

Assess Your Level
Before anything else can happen, you need to know where your child stands. Are they on pace with their grade level? Working a grade behind? Missing fundamental skills? Lasting advancement can only be made on a solid foundation, and that means identifying where your child is currently at, without any assumptions or embarrassment.
Fill Skill Gaps
As your child advances through each grade in school, it's common that they haven't completely solidified their understanding of all concepts. Eventually, as students are taught new concepts, these weak areas intensify and can cause skill gaps. Teachers don't have time in their curriculums to find and fill all these holes for each student, which is why it's so important to dedicate time to recovering this missing information.
Get to Mastery
So your child knows a skill. But how much do they really know it? Do they understand it or have it memorized? Could they explain it to a friend? Do it underwater? This may sound silly, but it's important that your child truly understands the information to the point of mastery. They should have complete control and confidence when working with this skill so that they can build upon it in future exercises.
Preview New Material
Once your child has mastered all of the concepts through their current grade, we can continue this momentum into new material. By being introduced to what's to come, your child gains a broader picture of how all their math skills work in tandem. Not only that, but they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by working beyond their baseline. We love fostering that math drive in students, encouraging them to aim higher than they ever dreamed.
Boost Confidence
Once students have that "aha" moment of seeing how math builds upon itself, they start to understand their math journey to come. With this comprehensive lens in place, and knowing they have achieved mastery of everything they know so far, they will have a justified confidence going forward. Having a backpack full of success stories and an internal drive and respect for math allows them to understand that math may not always be easy, but they can always do it!