Supplemental Math Instruction - Benefits for Elementary School Students

Oct 1, 2020 | Fort Collins

When most people think of getting math help for their child, they only think they need it when their kid gets into middle and high school, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even though parents tend to wait to get supplemental math help until their child starts into Algebra, Geometry or Calculus – we firmly believe children are never too young to get excited about math! Seeking supplemental math instruction will ensure your elementary student has a solid math foundation, paying a large dividend when they have the confidence and true understanding to fly through future math courses. Listed below are reasons why enrolling in a math learning center for supplemental support is vital for your child in elementary school.

Fewer Interruptions

At a math learning center, the instructors will help ensure a distraction-free space while your child learns. When students are in a large classroom environment focusing can be more challenging due to other students and elements. However, with a supplemental math instructor they will ensure no phone or electronics and prevent distractions from other students. The instructors will create a personalized learning atmosphere that is ideal for your child.

Quickly Determine Misunderstandings

Seeking supplemental math support when your child is in elementary school will provide more time for the instructors to notice and address topic misunderstandings. Since your child is in the early developmental stages, they have more time to take appropriate actions if issues arise. In elementary school, children learn the fundamentals of math and will build upon them as they move on in their learning. This means that they need to solidify this math foundation to avoid creating large learning gaps as they move on to more challenging material. We know how busy your life is as a parent, so you likely don’t have the time to sit one-on-one with your child to make sure they aren’t missing knowledge and falling behind. A math learning center can do this for you! They have the time, knowledge, and excitement to assess your child’s math skills and create an action plan to keep them on track.

Instills Abilities for Problem-Solving

Supplemental math support is just that support, it doesn’t mean that there will be coddling or handholding through every single problem. This would be a disservice to your child which is why the instructors will adequately challenge them and encourage critical thinking in every session. Being challenged will result in your child realizing that they can overcome a challenge in math – resulting in increased confidence and improved problem-solving abilities. They will continue this positive trajectory as they model the good problem-solving habits the instructors display through their teaching.

Recognize Root Skill Gaps

If your child is struggling with a math topic, they may not be able to fully explain why. They likely feel overwhelmed with the topic, embarrassed at their misunderstanding and unable to see that it’s a result of an underlying skill gap. An instructor at a math learning center will be able to not only identify this for them but give them supplemental material to address the underlying problem. Which will give them renewed confidence as they fill the skill gap and are then more easily able to master the original topic they were struggling with.

Individualized Instruction

At a math learning center your child will receive individualized instruction. Your child won’t have to compete with other students for attention or be forced to learn in a way that doesn’t fit their learning style just because it’s best for the majority in a class. The instructors will invest time to get to personally know your child – their likes and dislikes, their strengths and struggles. This will allow them to blend this knowledge in with their instruction as they customize their teaching style to fit your child’s likes, interests, and individual learning style. This will ensure your child stays excited about math, is motivated to learn, and is engaged with the instructors.

Seeking supplemental math support isn’t just for children who are struggling with math. It’s equally important for students who are on track or even ahead of the curve. Math learning centers don’t just help improve grades, they also increase confidence, build excitement for math and challenge those who might be bored otherwise. They can turn struggling students into confident ones and bored students into challenged ones.

Our qualified instructors are ready to help you and your child begin your math success journey. Reach out to us for a consultation by phone or email. We offer in-person and online training, having recently introduced our Mathnasium@Home program to assist you and your child with the transition to 100% virtual learning. We look forward to working with you and your child and forging a path to math success!

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